Website Optimization and Its Importance


Website optimization describes the procedures that are used to optimize a website to rank well in search engines. More commonly called as search engine optimization (SEO), website optimization has been embraced by many websites due to its strategic analysis that enables optimum search engine rankings. Basically, website optimization sees to it that there is a […]


Tips To Improve Website Speed


Statistics proved that website speed affects the revenue of the site and user experience. If you are one of those avid internet users, slow loading pages are such a pain. Websites are lucky enough if their visitors are patient enough to wait, but in reality, most are not and would gladly click the close window […]



Web Hosting Plans: VPS or Cloud?

Choosing among web hosting plans nowadays can be a bit stressful and difficult. With so many options today that claim to give you the best deal, everything just starts to get confusing. So, to help you decide, it is important to know the difference between some of them. Today, two of the most popular web […]

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Cloud Computing: Good For Business

Most businesses start small and just experience growth over time. As a small business, consequently, your resources are also still small, thus, limited supply can be obtained. This includes your capital, equipments, and people among other things. But it does not mean that with limited supply, you can not get quality resources. And this applies […]

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Online Backup and Its Importance

You know that bad things happen to computers. Without any warning, some of them just crash right in front of you and you just can not do anything about it. So you decide in having a backup in an external hardware. But if that thing crashes too, then better say goodbye to the most important […]

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Web Hosting Provider: MyHosting or Eleven2?

A lot of web hosting providers out there claim to offer the best hosting services. Some of them may actually offer good services, but choosing a web hosting provider basically still greatly depends on your actual needs and specifications. What would you do with so many features if what you really need in not one […]

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Basic Steps On Starting A Website

Before starting an online venture, clearly identify first what is your purpose in wanting to create a website. Is it because you want to have an online site and sell goods and services? Or you simply want to have a blog about a product or industry? You may also want to have a database kind […]

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Importance Of Domain Names

Domain name is the name for a particular website. It is found in the URL to identify web pages. It identifies your web page. That as a fact makes domain names already very important. Domain names are registered, and as of now, there millions of domain names registered all over the world. Most of these […]

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dedicated hosting

Why Use a Dedicate Hosting Company?

Naturally, businesses would grow over time. Goods and services offered to customers may increase in number, popularity of the said products may increase market share, or transactions conducted in a day may double. Thus, to cater all these added activities of the company, a stronger website is required. Dedicated hosting is the best option when […]

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How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Company?

Searching for that ideal local hosting company is a crucial task to make. It is not easy to find that perfect match that is located in your area or region that can actually cater all your requirements and standards. Moreover, the web hosting business today is intensely competitive thus, most companies seemingly offer the same […]

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